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Eco-Logs.co.uk are an all British waste wood product that is simply clean, dry sawdust and shavings that have been mechanically compressed to form a solid Briquette. Many briquettes are either imported, some coming from as far afield as Malaysia, or are made using felled trees that are chipped green and then kiln dried, so using even more fossil fuels.

Eco-Logs offer many benefits over natural firewood because they are a manufactured product, i.e. they are subject to stringent quality controls during production.


Eco-Logs are made by subjecting suitable raw material to extremely high pressure and elevated temperature in a die. This causes the natural resins in the wood to soften, allowing them to flow. The result: the particles bind together to form a solid wooden extrusion.
Because excess moisture inhibits this process, the raw material must be carefully dried prior to manufacture. The lack of moisture in the finished product leads to a very dense, highly bound log with extremely good burning characteristics.


Eco-Logs are a new product that can be safely used as a concentrated fuel source in all wood burning heaters and combustion stoves. As there are no chemicals, additives or binders used to hold the logs together, they can also be used as BBQ or Chimnea fuel.

Eco-Logs contain only 6% moisture, whereas "dry" firewood (sold in bulk or bags) may contain as much as 25% to 30% moisture. Because of the lower moisture levels, Eco-Logs radiate more heat on a weight for weight basis than natural firewood. The reason, energy is spent evaporating off the higher levels of entrained water in natural firewood, thereby lowering the overall heat value.

With Eco-Logs, greater than 90% of the mass of the briquette is available as useful heat.

Eco-Logs are also denser than most naturally occurring firewood. The manufacturing process ensures that the raw material is highly and uniformly compacted. This means that you burn fewer Eco-Logs than natural firewood to achieve the same heat output.

In short, there can be as much as 2~3 times more heat energy contained in an Eco-Log than an ordinary piece of firewood of equivalent mass.
Eco-Logs, due to their convenient packaging are easier to store and occupy less than 1/4 of the space that an equivalent load of traditional firewood would require. (An important issue where there is limited storage space available.)
The briquettes are 80mm dia. With each Eco-Log you can expect a clean, hot, burn (depending on heater controls and settings) with very little ash residue and lower particulate emissions.
From an environmental perspective, Eco-Logs utilise waste material that would otherwise be going to landfill or burned in an uncontrolled manner. Their purchase also prevents the unnecessary felling of plantation timber for use as firewood and preserves habitat. Note: As Eco-Logs are manufactured from clean, contaminant free, 100% recycled timber, they will last in storage for long periods of time. However, as with all timber, they must be stored in a dry place.

Please be aware there are several sites claiming their products are Eco- Logs when clearly, they are not - most are imported.


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